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Pickup & Dropoff Traffic

Our gates open at 7:45am and school starts at 8:00am. There are two gates open, one to the left of the school office and one by the kindergarten building.

In the afternoon students are dismissed according to their grade and cannot be released earlier without a parent/guardian signing them out of school.

The safest drop-off/pick-up location before and after school is our school driveway on Valmore Ave. Do not park in a bus loading zone or restricted parking area. Violations of traffic laws and posted parking rules are subject to citation by Ventura Police.

Please drive carefully around school and be respectful of our neighbors when parking.

Your cooperation in observing the rules will keep our children safe and make the pick-up/drop-off routine easier and faster for all.


·      Observe speed limits

·      Be courteous

·      Drop off and pick up students only in designated locations

·      Do not turn a vehicle around in the  middle of the street

·      Avoid parking in a bus  zone

·      Arrive early to avoid traffic problems

·      Avoid blocking crosswalks and gates

·      Be supportive of Crossing Guard

·      Stop for buses when lights are flashing