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We want our students to be good readers and to enjoy reading. The best way for us to make this happen is by having books our students want to read.

There are classroom libraries and we have a wonderful school library. Classes visit the school library weekly and students are encouraged to select a book at their reading level.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep our books in good condition.

     *Help your child find a special place for the book and use that same spot each week.

     *Mark the calendar!  Teachers will let you know what day their class visits the library.            If a student has an overdue book, they will need to return it before another book   is checked out.

If for some reason the book is damaged or lost, we ask that you reimburse the library and not replace the book.  This will help us maintain a fully stocked library with the quality of books that is needed to withstand the usage. 

Most importantly, if your student has shown interest in a particular book series or type of book, let us know. If we do not have it in our library, we will try to purchase the books.