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Principal's Message

Welcome to Lemon Grove School

We are committed to creating a welcoming school where our students thrive and are confident to rise to challenges.

Hello, my name is Susan Martinez, Principal of Lemon Grove TK-8 School. It gives me great pleasure to serve our students, staff, families, and community in my role.

You know you are at Lemon Grove when you see students helping each other succeed as we have created a whole school community with everyone working together.

You also see staff passionate about making a difference in the lives of students. We all believe students can and will learn and grow. It is our commitment to have a supportive school and to encourage the individual growth of each student. 

We are excited about the changes that we have made this year to meet the needs our all our students.

Great things are happening here! Welcome to Lemon Grove School.  If you cannot find what you are looking for here on our website, give our front office a call, we are happy to answer your questions.